Dark Ages Workshop’s Journey Into Grimdark Painting

In this trilogy of videos, we’re going to discuss and explore the fundamentals to inspire you to create an atmosphere, a theme around your model, and all you need to know to work properly with different mediums. With this knowledge, you can discover that painting in the grimdark style can be stress-free, liberating, extremely creative. Lastly, as a synthesis, the painting of a low fantasy, medieval, sickly grimdark figure, following a creative process.

Skill Level: Beginner
Number of Videos: 3


1. Mindset and First Steps

2. Products and Properties

3. Painting process of a Grimdark model


Click on the headers below to find the recommended materials used in this course.

Some items may be a bit difficult to find, but a little internet searching usually finds you everything you’ll need.

Texture Paste/Technical

  • AK Interactive Dark Earth
  • Citadel Mordant Earth
  • Citadel Ryza Rust

Acrylic Paint

A collection of Citadel, AK Interactive, Vallejo, Green Stuff World brands. Earthy and off-white colors.
Also, Stynylrez Grey Primer, or preferably any primer color from Stynylrez (black, white, grey).

Acrylic Inks and Washes

  • Liquitex White Ink
  • Citadel Contrast Paints: Snakebite Leather, Akhelian Green, Basilicanum Grey, Wyldwood, Black Templar, Guilliman Flesh, Flesh Tearers Red
  • Citadel Shades: Reikland Fleshshade, Carroburg Crimson, Coelia Greenshade, Nuln Oil

Protective Varnish Products

  • AK Interactive Ultra Matt Varnish
  • Vallejo Gloss and Satin Varnish

Weathering Enamels and Washes

Any equivalent for MIG as long as the hue is similar, will do.
  • AK012 Streaking Grime (new formula)
  • AK013 Rust Streaks (old formula)
  • AK045 Dark Brown Wash
  • AK675 Decay Deposits

Abteilung502 Oils

Any brand will do but I highly suggest Abteilung502

  • Neutral Grey
  • Dead Flesh
  • Faded Green
  • Copper Oxide Blue (Patina)
  • Burnt Umber

Pigment Powders

Again, any brand is good. I use AK Interactive, Abteilung502 and Vallejo.

  • Dark Earth
  • Urban Industry Dirt
  • Light Yellow Ochre

Various Tools and Solvents

  • Hobby knife
  • Plastic cement glue
  • AK Interactive Base Level airbrush
  • Fengda Compressor FD-186
  • Odourless artist white spirit
  • Water
  • Half centimeter cork boards
  • Q-tips / cotton buds
  • Two bundles of cheap brushes, one for acrylics, one for oils. Sizes vary from 00 to 3 and 5, with a point, and flat ones. Also some old, scruffy, beaten up brushes for various uses.
  • Respirator with interchangeable cotton filters
  • Nitril gloves
  • Protective Glasses


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