Grimdark Challenge – Dirty Down Rust

Greetings fellow nerds! Welcome to the Grimdark Compendium’s painting challenge for the month of April! Are you ready to showcase your painting skills and compete for awesome prizes? This month the Grimdark Compendium has teamed up with The Goblin’s Hut to bring you the Dirty Down Rust painting challenge. Rest assured, we want to see the most badass and rusty work you can muster! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity and talent. To participate, simply build and paint, using Dirty Down Rust, of course, a single miniature to the best of your abilities and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #grimdarkchallengedirtydown. The winner will receive a special prize from Grimdark Compendium and the sponsor of this challenge, the Goblin’s Hut, and have their miniature featured on their pages. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bits and paints, brush up on your techniques, and get ready to show the world what you can do!


Official Rules Summary

  • Post one WIP and one Final image (1000×1000 pixel) of any miniature or miniature terrain that has been built and painted by your own hand. Use #grimdarkchallengedirtydown and mention @grimdark_compendium in the description.
  • Miniatures created for this challenge should be built with the sole purpose of showcasing the Dirty Down Rust product.
  • Kit-bashing will be mandatory and will be highly valued in the judging criteria.
  • Models must be painted in the grimdark style and use Dirty Down Rust as the main form of weathering.
  • All submissions must be posted by April 30th, 2023. It is highly recommended to email high resolution images of your final submissions to to guarantee your submission is considered.
  • Eligible miniatures – Any brand of miniature bits maybe used in the building portion of this challenge, including figures outside of Games Workshop’s product line.
  • Submissions must include a clear and well lit photo.
  • Have fun, spread the word, push yourself, and encourage others!
  • By entering this challenge you agree to allow the Grimdark Compendium and Goblin’s Hut to use your images in social media posts and  video content related to the grimdark challenges.



This challenge is open to anyone who has painted in the grimdark style and is intended for everyone in the hobby.  In short, the grimdark painting style seeks to recreate the terrifying reality of dark and dystopian worlds that have suffered from perpetual war and nightmarish hardships.  We will look for things like battle damage, chipping, rust, grime, blood, skulls, muted color palettes, high contrast lighting, OSL, decay effects etc…


Eligible Miniatures

There are no limitations to what brand of models can be used for this challenge. However, the finished product must represent the grimdark style.


Please explore your kit-bashing skills! It is mandatory for this challenge!



A base will be required for your miniature to be considered during the judging process, unless your submission is a terrain piece.

Submitting an Entry – READ CAREFULLY 

Entering the competition can be done by posting a WIP image showing the early stages of your project. The entry WIP must contain #grimdarkchallengedirtydown and the @grimdark_compendium must be mentioned in the description. Participants shall be limited to one entry per challenge. All entries should be posted to either Instagram, Facebook, or the Grimdark Community Facebook group using the #GrimdarkChallengedirtydown hashtag before or on the 30th of April 2023. Any other WIP images and the Final images must be hashtagged appropriately and appropriately mentioned. Again, it is HIGHLY recommend to email high resolution images to 

Prizes – 

The top 3 entries of this challenge will win two bottles each of Dirty Down’s Rust, Verdigris, and Moss water soluble paint. The top 10 entries will be featured on the Grimdark Compendium’s social media pages, and have their entries reviewed and critiqued on the Grimdark Compendium’s YouTube channel.  The top 3 entries will be decided by Zatcaskagoon using a judging criteria. The judging criteria is weighted differently for each challenge and explained in depth at the beginning of each judging video.   



  1. Toosh

    I haven’t painted a complete model for 10+ years and I last painted a Terminator in the 80’s. I get the feeling the Grimdark style at it’s basic level, might just match my current painting ability right now! 😀 I do love the aesthetic of Grimdark and realise there is actually a lot of skill involved making something look so horrifyingly gribbly, not to mention the conversions out there. Good luck to everyone that takes part.

  2. Nick

    Count me in!

    • Chris fowler

      This will be my first painting project of 2023…
      Grimdark for the win!

  3. Phil Lewis

    I’d love to do this (if I weren’t already too late), but no way can I paint an entire vehicle in a month! I’ve been working on a Tactical Squad for two months, and only have 4 completed models!

  4. Honey badger

    read for this only now
    but i try

  5. Jeppe Gade Nielsen

    Hell yeah

  6. Lemonate

    Is it possible to enter different entries?

    • Zatcaskagoon Miniatures

      Just one.


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