Grimdark Compendium Masterclass

“Zatcaskagoon Miniatures has had an huge impact on my painting style and the techniques I use. I have always preferred a more atmospheric, grim and dark style that captures the essence of hopeless dark fantasy, but struggled with the inadequate tools and skills I had as a painter. With the help of Grimdark Compendium, my set of techniques grew exponentially, allowing me to fully start to manifest my own style into reality. And that reality is bitter, harsh, cold and grimdark. 

The tutorials do not emphasize on imitation, but rather give a set of useful techniques to help you grow from a painter to an artist. Grimdark Compendium is the number one place for learning, and would recommend to every miniature painter ever.”

Teemu Sihvonen / Gravehammer Miniatures

The Grimdark Compendium is a website that reaches people from every stage of experience – those who fully embrace the Grimdark Style, those who are just discovering it, and those who are in the process of mastering it.

I have received many messages, comments, and emails from many of you. And I know the process is easier to master for some than others. 

There are many of you who desire to fully understand the Grimdark Style, have been members of the Grimdark Compendium for many years, but are struggling to achieve it or want to go to the next level. You want to do it your own way while utilizing the variety of products, techniques, and tools, but you’re not sure where to start. The Grimdark Compendium Masterclass was created specifically for you. 

The Grimdark Compendium Masterclass – Make Up Your Own Way

The Grimdark Compendium Masterclass is a 10-week online course designed specifically to help you understand the behind the scenes of the Grimdark Style and giving you the skills to do it your way. Hundreds of thousands of people, from all over the world, have used my tutorials to improve their understanding of the Grimdark Style, with amazing results, and you can too.  

As of now, I will only offer the course three times each year and I’m excited to start the first class on August 27th.

The masterclass includes…

  • Access to a private Facebook group of experts and peers ready to help you grow
  • Weekly released videos with step-by-step instructions on how to develop your own creative process
  • Weekly assignments with direct feedback from Zatcaskagoon, grimdark painting experts, and like minded peers
  • Access to STLs and the option to purchase limited edition practice blanks and models. (files, practice blanks, and models are optional and are not necessary for participation)
  • And perhaps best of all: accountability and encouragement from a private community on the same path

Every Friday, you will have access to a video prepared exclusively for the course. You will then receive a weekly assignment to complete, opportunities to engage with the community in a private Facebook group, and have me and peers for feedback, question, and answer opportunities.

The course offers everything a tutorial, social media, or blog post cannot do alone: community, accountability, and opportunity to get feedback.

The Details

The Grimdark Compendium Masterclass will teach you how to streamline your creative process with our “Method Development” technique to get the most out of your time at the hobby table. Learn how to take your painting inspirations and ideas from just ideas to fully recognized and well-developed painting, modeling and weathering recipes, and application processes. You’ll never get stuck with access to a masterclass exclusive group of experts and peers ready to help and give feedback. Break through creative skill ceilings with our “Understanding and Application Studies” technique and learn how to take this knowledge and forge your own take on the grimdark style.

As each week passes, I will show you the process going from an idea to a completed showcase model; all while you are following along, doing weekly assignments, coming up with your own ideas, executing them, getting weekly feedback from me and peers, and by the end of the 10 weeks, you will have your very own fully completed showcase model…or the understanding to do just that.

The first masterclass begins on Feb 7th 2022. Registration is open now, but will end a few weeks before the first class to let everyone have time to get prepared.

The cost for the 10 week masterclass is $395, but we are offering an early bird prices for $295. We also have a monthly payment option – click here

I, Zatcaskagoon, am personally involved in every aspect of the course. Helping people master the Grimdark Style is what I am passionate about. I have created the best content in my life; after releasing hundreds of tutorials on the subject matter. I set aside time to answer questions in the private Facebook group; so you can clearly understand the deeper aspects of the Grimdark Style. I have come to understand how essential community, accountability, and ongoing encouragement is for people to succeed in their hobby goals.

When you join Grimdark Compendium Masterclass, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course, all future updates, and private Facebook Group. That means you can take it as many times as you want (or need). I know life can be busy, and the unexpected can happen at any time. Know we’re here to help you achieve your goals. And if you ever want to do the course again, or just enjoy a grimdark refresher, you’ll be welcomed back.

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