How to Paint: Space Wolves

Learn how to build and paint the proud and barbaric Space Wolves. Born from an icy deathworld, The Space Wolves are one of the most famous Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. Relishing in the horrors of endless war, death holds no fear for the Space Wolves. To set the stage, you’ll learn the most important element of the scheme; the armor paint recipe. A cold and battered recipe that demonstrates heavy damage and captures the essence of the Space Wolves home world with chilling environmental effects. After the foundation of the color scheme is laid out, you see how to apply the armor recipe and other detailing recipes over standard troop models. Further parts of the course will show you how to incorporate various recipes such as flesh, OSL, light and heavy rust, muted fur, and hair.

As a special surprise, you’ll receive the build and kitbashing guide for a truly unique take on the Space Wolves Chapter Master, Logan Grimnar. 


1. Cold and Battered Armor Recipe

2. Troop Demonstration

3. OSL

4. Logan Grimnar Build Guide

5. Logan Grimnar Rust / The Best Rust Product Period

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  1. Cody L Griffin

    Love the video so I greatly appreciate all the work you’ve put into it… Just got one question.. can this be done without an airbrush??


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