It is easy to imagine that a few years ago, the available knowledge on the Grimdark Painting Style was kind of like the dusty tomes you might find in a dark corner of an old library; hidden and secret for the most part. Back then, one might have only caught glimpses of darkly styled figure paintings on social media, yet there were no explanations or guidance for the viewer. I had found the style that I wanted to paint but would have to rely on intuition and luck to figure out how to do it. To briefly explain it, I first compared the finishes and color palettes on these miniatures with those of scale model armor. Then, I stumbled across the products that I found best for the job and eventually came up with a suitable process. I felt like I had cracked a code! But it was secret or at least shrouded in mystery; I should have kept it that way, right? No… I believe that humans are at their best when learning and passing knowledge, helping one another grow, and through that sentiment, the Grimdark Compendium was born.

Today we can look out across the realm and see that the Grimdark Style is becoming more prevalent with every passing day. The Grimdark Compendium is positioning to be at the forefront of this movement. You see, collaboration is a beautiful thing. There is much more information, skill developments, techniques, and ideas out there than just a lonely Zatcaskagoon can show you. So I am bringing in the best artists working in the grimdark space that I can find and convince to share their knowledge. These newly added Authors will create premium content for our membership base, and my personal goal is to cover EVERYTHING eventually. To clarify when I say everything, I mean that we will have K03rnl as a permanent fixture and creating Kitbashing tutorials. Gravehammer will take up my old post and continue creating Warhammer Chapter and Faction-based tutorials. Prominus IV will be our guide to diorama and terrain making. Witchhammer will join our team as an Article writer and PDF maker, taking us along as he constructs his grim and dark projects. Zatcaskagoon will focus on teaching you how to master all of these techniques, how to take the knowledge presented within the Compendium and become a master in your own right.

As time goes on, we will expand our collaboration efforts and add new artists when the opportunity arises. I truly believe that this move will make the Grimdark Compendium the best learning platform for miniature painting out there, and I’m excited to see where we end up.

If you would like to check out the artists I’ve mentioned, feel free to check out their social media profiles:
Prominus IV

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