Kitbashing Fundamentals

The Grimdark style and Kitbashing/Converting go hand in hand. Through this skill set, we can let loose the full power of our imaginations and tell our own stories and create our own characters of the far future. Learn the fundamentals of Kitbashing with K03rnl aka Christof Keil including basic concepts, tools, materials, tips, tricks and k03rnl’s own unique approach to kitbashing as you learn step by step how to convert a space marine and much more.

Skill Level: Beginner

Number of Videos: 8

Artist: k03rnl


1. Getting Started

2. Tools and Materials

3. Converting

4. Fine Details

5. Detailing Methods

6. Lefthanded Marine

7. Concepting and Building Custom Miniatures

8. Kitbashing Insights


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