My name is Christof Keil and I am a blacksmith from Germany.

I came into the hobby of tabletop games in late 1998 when the 3rd Edition
of Warhammer 40.000 was released.

My nickname k03rnl derived from many years as a gamer in my early years and is basically the pronounciation of the military rank “colonel”.

My love for Blanchitsu and inq28 has greatly influenced my own style of kitbashing and painting miniatures in the darker (or grimdarker) shemes of the 41st millenium.

This obsession has produced articles in Volume 1 and 2 of the 28mag, a free, online available hobby magazine, and brought me three Finalist Pins at the Golden Demon 2018 in Germany.
Among the finalist entries were miniatures from my inqq2018 project, where I rebuild all characters from the “Inquisitor” 54mm scale tabletop game in 28mm scale.
The circle of inspiration has closed with my creation of the Black Templar Diorama based on the Cover-Artwork of 3rd Edition Warhammer 40.00 by John Blanche in Dec 2020.

A 112 page hardcover volume of “The Art of… – Christof Keil” is currently produced by Dave Taylor and will be published soon. It is Book 2 of an initial series of three books and still available for preorder.

I am currently building “Black Phallanx Studio” for tutorials and commission work and I regularly produce content for the Grimdark Compendium and my own youtube channel.

I also have a patreon account with a small base of patrons who support my work unconditionally so that I am able to produce free content for everyone to use.
There can be found some exclusive insights and tipps.

You are able to see all that I produce regularly beeing posted on my instagram account.

Stay tuned,…
… and be excellent to each other!


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