Welcome to the  Grim Dark Compendium, a new blog from Zatcaskagoon Miniatures. In this blog, we will explore painting and modeling techniques set out and presented through the Grim Dark Compendium, a video tutorial library that with backing of the community will cover the entire Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Age of Sigmar model range.  Throughout, we will exhibit our trademark “grim dark” style, with heavy use of weathering effects and a darker, grittier approach to model painting.


While this is partly a documentation of our work, we also want to provide compelling mythos around our creations, to inspire you in your own modeling and creating. Best of all, everything we do will be accompanied by reference sheets, tutorials, and tools to help you join us in our journey.

For more on what makes us tick, you can check out each of our members on the Authors page.


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