Greetings Earthlings!

From June 07, 2020, to July 07, 2020, I will be hosting a daily giveaway!

My mission is to spread awareness in the community and lead folks to learn about the Grimdark Painting style while giving away awesome prizes and I need your help!

So what’s the deal!? SIMPLE!

Invite fellow Hobbyists to join the Grimdark Painters Facebook group. The folks you invite need to have an interest in modeling and/or miniature painting.

I’ll be running this giveaway campaign for 30 days and each day I’ll be giving away a shiny new model from Games Workshop.


All members of the Facebook Group Grimdark Painters are eligible to enter.

Each person you invite will carry over from day to day, and if they join the group will count as an entry for you until the end of the giveaway period (July 7).

Inviting non-hobbyist is prohibited. Inviting people that do not have an expressed interest in Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Forgeworld, or Miniature Painting will get you removed from the group.

All participants are eligible to win multiple times.

Winners will be announced daily.

Models will ship after the giveaway period ends.

Each day I will make a post under the topic “A Grimdark Discovery” on the Facebook group declaring which miniature is up for grabs for that day. If you wish to try your luck and win the miniature in question, simply comment on that post with a list of the folks you have invited to the group since the giveaway period began.

Again, please do not invite people that are not concerned with or have no intentions to participate in our hobby. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the Facebook group.

Rules subject to change.

Good Luck!

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