Howdy Folks!

Have you heard about the giveaway that I am doing!? It is ab absolute beast of a giveaway and I want to make sure you know about it!

Below is the original give away post with additional links to my social media and website.

Howdy Folks! Let me grab your attention by telling you that this giveaway is HUGE! So please read on!

Firstly, Thank you! All of you guy’s support is mind-blowing. The Grimdark Compendium is a great success, one of my proudest accomplishments and I owe it all to everyone that has supported me over the years. –
I feel like the Grimdark painting Style is gaining a solid foothold in the community as more and more examples of seasoned and new painters giving it a try are popping up all over social media. –
Thanks to everyone that tags or mentions @grimdark_compendium in their posts. It a gesture that does not go unnoticed.

Chiefly, thank you to all of the members and supporters of the Grimdark Compendium website and my Patreon. You guys keep the content coming! –
So here is everything that I’ll be giving away:

Vallejo Game Color Full Set
Vallejo Game Air Full Set
AK Interactive:
Streaking Grime
Winter Streaking Grime
Dark Brown Wash
Rust Streaks
Light Rust Wash
Decay Deposits
Dark Rust
Light Rust
Dark Mud
Industrial Earth
Turquoise Lights
Blue Green
Redgrass Games Wet Palette
Royal and Langnickel Golden Talkon Brush set
Royal and Langnickel Camel Hair Brush set
Windsor Newton Series 7 size 1and 0 Brush
Age of Sigmar Warcry Box Set
2 Sets of my Practice Blanks –
Here are all the ways to enter:

There will be a link in my Instagram bio that will take you to my new Facebook Group for Grimdark Painters. Join the group for 15 entries. I will also paste a link in the comments of this Facebook post. –
Subscribe to Zatcaskagoon Miniatures on YouTube for 5 entries.

Have or create a free account on the Grimdark Compendium website for 10 entries.

Start a seven day free trial on the Grimdark Compendium website for 15 entries.

Follow me on Instagram for 5 entries.

All tags and mentions of @grimdark_compendium and comments and tagging of your friends on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will earn 1 entry. Spam will not count.

Each share of this post on Facebook is worth 1 entry. –

Facebook group:
Website free account Registration:
Website 7-day free trial:…/unlimited-tutorial-access…/

Creator of the Grimdark Compendium

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