Howdy folks!

Unfortunately, I have sad news.

Among other reasons, which I will explain, recent changes to my family’s personal schedule have made it to where I can no longer have someone monitor and maintain the Product Store here on the Grimdark Compendium.

Therefore, I will be taking down all the painting products off of the Grimdark Compendium, my other website and both of my eBays.

This mostly affects my US and Canadian buyers but I do have a bit of advice that may help you source these products at a much better price.

I recently realized that my distributor sold these products to me for roughly the same price as you yourself can get them off of the Ak Interactive website.

If I am not mistaken a 35ml bottle of enamel product (like streaking grime) on Ak’s website goes for 3.60 Euro or $4.10 USD. That is roughly half of the price that I can sell them for.

If you go this route for your Ak products, know that shipping to the US is around 14.75 so you will need to purchase enough products to make up the difference.

With that said, I am working closely with Fernando, the president of AK Interactive, to work out a link from my website to his store that will offer folks a 10% discount.

Hopefully, that goes through!

Thank you all for your kind support and I appreciate all the products you folks have bought over the years.

Kind Regards,

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