Dark Angels – Secrets of the First Legion Parts 1-2



Welcome to the Grimdark Compendium’s Dark Angels Course, Secrets of the First Legion! This deep dive into the legendary Dark Angels faction of Warhammer 40k will cover every aspect of the modeling and painting of the secretive Space Marines Chapter. From a reimagined building/kit-bashing philosophy, insights into the grimdark aspects, basing design, immersive narrative for each character, to painting tutorials for several custom models from the Inner Circle of the most dangerous hunters in the galaxy, this series will leave you with a deep knowledge of how to build and paint your own custom Dark Angels!

In this course, I explain everything you need to know to set up your miniatures up for a unique kit-bashing approach that truly captures the grim aesthetic that the Dark Angels should have and how to paint the First Legion in the grimdark style. This will get you ready for what’s to come, and explain why and how to build and paint fantastically grim miniatures.


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