Welcome to the Grim Dark Compendium info page and index!

Here you will find explanations to what the Grim Dark Compendium is and a long list of FAQ.  Beyond the FAQ you find an index of links that will take you to the various projects that are active within the GDC.

What is the Grim Dark Compendium?

The Grim Dark Compendium is an ever evolving collection of video painting tutorials that will attempt to cover nearly the entire range of Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar miniatures.  As the GDC grows, through the good graces and support of the community you will be able find a more and more extensive list of video tutorial series that cover each faction/army/chapter within the Warhammer Universes. These Tutorials will be created by Zatcaskagoon Miniatures and painted in his ever popular grim dark style. Through these projects we will attempt to create a fully comprehensive library of tutorials.


How is the GDC funded?

The GDC is funded solely through the support of the community, people like you who take interest in the miniature painting hobby and are gracious enough to invest in artists and educators like Zatcaskagoon Miniatures. We are using a Crowdfunding Structure to collect funds for each project with in the GDC. Zatcaskagoon, at this time, has no official or professional sponsors. That means all of his support comes directly from the good folks of miniature painting community.

What are the funding goals and what do these budgets cover?

The funding goal for the each entire series will be 1500.00 USD. This goal will cover the Procuring, Assembly and Painting of each model. This will also cover the time we invest in the creation of all of the educational videos associated with the series.

What is included in a “series” ?

Each series will typically cover four different models from a given faction and a basing tutorial. My focus will be to keep up with Games Workshop Releases and offer videos on exciting new miniatures.

What will a single video include ?

Each video will be a full length step by step demonstration that explains the processes, applications, and products used in the painting of each miniature.

Will there be different levels of paint qualities demonstrated?

No,  I will be painting all models, even troops, to the same level.

How long will each funding campaign last?

Our campaigns are setup for 60 days.

If I want  to get a refund can I get my money back?

Yes, we will be happy to refund pledges up until a campaign has ended. No refunds will be given after the content releases.

What will you do with the models once completed?

All of the models will be given away as rewards for higher level support tiers. These give away supporter slots will be limited to ONE. 

Are you going to sell the videos on your website?

Yes, we will be selling the videos to the public after the campaign has ended for 9.99 per video. However, at least one video (usually a troop video) will be free to the public,  and posted on YouTube.

How will this work with your Patrons from Patreon?

Patrons will eventually get access to all the videos we create within the GDC though they may not be all at once or in any particular order.

Are there other ways I can help besides giving money?

Yes, if you would like to send New Models or Paint Materials this would be greatly appreciated. Rewards could be negotiated.

How can I contact you if I have questions?

Please contact us at zatcaskagoon.gdc@gmail.com


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