Hello, everyone. My name is Jason; you know me as Valbjorn.

Born in the age of analog technology, red of hair, blue of eye.

Eldest of two sons raised in the Midwestern United States by two ceramics artists — wonderful parents who encouraged creativity and exploration. I attribute much of my skills as an artist to my upbringing.

My interest in miniatures and board games began at a young age when I discovered HeroQuest. The cover art, character sheets, and miniatures made my tiny brain explode with possibilities.

In art school, I completed many studio courses including woodworking, jewelry making, ceramics, and sculpture. In 2005, I earned a Bachelor’s in fine art with a focus in ceramics. There, I also discovered Warhammer Fantasy, which reignited my love for miniatures.

In 2009, I started my own business under the name GIANTSWORD. I designed and built custom arcade sticks for fighting games, which was a challenge I greatly enjoyed. During those years, I learned new technical skills and built lasting friendships.

Along the way, Warhammer was always there — in the background as something to tinker with.

When I discovered green stuff and saw how it could be used to alter figures, I knew I had to give it a try. I bought a Chaos Marauder kit and mounted them on the backs of Hounds of Chaos. It was my first kitbash! Upon their ruddy faces, I sculpted my first beards. It was a good day.

My interest in 40k began when I discovered the deep lore surrounding the game and hobby. Reading Horus Rising was the start of it all — I was hooked! I had to know more, do more, build more! After hours of research, I finally decided on my first kit: Wolf Guard Terminators.

I find peace working in 28mm. For me, it’s a therapeutic challenge that brings both tranquility and excitement in equal parts. There are moments of discovery, which I call “breakthroughs,” that make me want to share this knowledge with others.

As a private person, I was reluctant to join social media and did not know what to expect. I chose Instagram and have been blown away by the reception and overall positivity of the community. I am continuously encouraged to share more work and make videos to help others refine their skills. I couldn’t feel more at home. I’ve found a passion in teaching I never thought I’d have thanks to this hobby and community.

Today, I work as an art fabricator. While the details of my occupation remain clandestine, I’m able to express how lucky I am to
exercise skills at work that I do in my hobby.

If you would like to follow my journey, I regularly post projects on Instagram (@Valbjorn) and make video tutorials for The Grimdark Compendium and YouTube.

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