Grim Dark Compendium: Legio Custodes Gets Final Entries.


With the upload of Constantin Valdor and the Custodes Basing Tutorials I have concluded the GDC: Legio Custodes entry.

You can now visit the Backer Rewards Tab and download the final two videos.

Additional Content.

Any additional guides that pertain to the series like General Technique PDFs or Product Guides will be added the library at a slow trickle.

Guides like these tend to cover a broader scope and most times will work with any entry found in the Grim Dark Compendium.

I may just have a separate category setup for these so that backers can reference them no matter what entry they pledged for.

If you have followed me for any amount of time you will almost immediately recognize that the products and techniques I employ are not the most commonly used in the Warhammer Community.

I feel it is important to have some general reference guides available to help folks better understand the techniques and products that I use, so be on the lookout for those or follow this blog for updates on when they go live.

Once again, I appreciate all of the support and encouragement and I’ll catch you in the next one.

Next Entry for GDC: Legio Custodes Incoming!

How to Paint: Legio Custodes – Caladius Grav-Tank

Backers of the Grim Dark Compendium: Legio Custodes and Patreons alike, I’ll be posting the third entry for the series later today!

Keep a close eye on the Backer Rewards tab for updates!

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New in Free Content: How to Hobby Guide- Color Recipe – Jovian Steel.

Birth of a new series.

I have been wanting to show content that is a bit more in depth concerning the painting techniques and applications that are featured in my tutorials.

While the feedback on the content I have released so far has been very positive, I personally feel that the techniques I show in my tutorials are merely skimmed over.

With this new color recipe series, I’ll be able to show in greater detail, single aspects of the techniques and applications that I use on the models I paint.

The first look into this new series will cover “Jovian Steel” the weathered metal recipe I rendered over Belisarius Cawl. While high in contrast and a having a vivid splash of color this recipe aims to deliver an interesting take on metal and a good ole dose of Grim Dark.

New on Patreon: Color Recipe – “Jovian Steel”

A New Series of Videos

Slowly but surely I am narrowing down what I want to do with the flow and organization of the content I release.

I’ve just started a new series that I’ll be categorizing as “Color Recipe” tutorials.

This new series will join along side the other categories of videos that I am currently contributing to, being, general techniques and full model videos and on will focus specific color and weathering combinations.

In the first contribution to the Color recipe series I’ll be covering a metal recipe I’ve named “Jovian Steel” and demonstrated on the Belisarius Cawl model.